Las Vegas Retreats for couples & individuals include Happiness Retreats, private & group Marriage Counseling Retreats, Couples Retreats, and Vision Quest Retreats.


Retreats are dedicated and focused times for reflection, contemplation, visioning, planning, renewal, and commitment. They serve as a tool for deep connection to self and others.

Retreats are usually held in beautiful and relaxing locations. Clients relax, unwind and create new meaning for themselves and their partners. One reason retreats are successful is because they transform individual and relationship attitudes into new and surprising synergistic approaches. You can enjoy a gentle quiet withdrawal from everyday stress and contemplate creating an individual, couple or organizational vision, replete with your individualized style and needs.

A retreat is a way to feed your spirit, reclaim your focus, and get away. Offering an opportunity to give your mind and body a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect, I hope you’ll join us for a special retreat for you!

Check out the retreats that I do throughout the year and select one that is right for you. If you would like to schedule a retreat for your group or your area of the country, please contact me for special arrangements.

Enroll for any of the retreats or call 702-242-4222 or email me at DArcy@DrHappiness now.


These retreats are scheduled for one couple at a time to focus on their issues and goals. You will find an upward spiral of happiness and flourishing in your relationship after one of these. They are totally customized for you, beginning Thursday or Friday and lasting two days. They are held in Las Vegas and also can be arranged in your location.

The focus of a marriage retreat is to improve the issues in your relationship that are causing stress or unhappiness and to assist you in accomplishing your goals. They repair your emotional connections and deepen your love. Private Marriage Retreats serve as an Intensive Marriage Counseling experience giving you the equivalent of about 4-5 months of couples counseling.

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These weekend retreats are designed for couples to develop skills creating relationship success and happiness. This retreat is different from couples counseling in that you will not get group time to focus on your issues or stresses. Instead, you will be learning communication skills to discuss topics with your partner, sometimes another couple, and also the group.

This retreat will help you focus on your values, interests, achievements, relationships, and meaning in your life. You will have the experience of repairing small broken bonds and deepening your intimacy with your partner. You’ll also have the opportunity to create connectedness with other couples going through similar experiences.

During this retreat experience you and your partner will create a relationship redesign with goals and an action plan, a form of strategic planning for couples. You will share your goals and feel the warmth and support of the other couples.

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Private Intensive Couples Counseling

These one-day private workshops are designed to give a couple practical and uplifting experiences, creating more understanding and introducing skills for restoring happiness in their relationship.

The focus is on your basic skill development to change unsuccessful thinking and behavior patterns and to establish new ones using Gottman Method and positive psychology interventions. The Relationship Happiness Workshop includes relationship assessments done before the workshop and a day devoted to repairing the bonds in your relationship.

We kick-start your therapy or focus on patterns to get you unstuck and moving forward. This workshop will bring insights, understanding and a plan to begin your relationship work. It is designed to help couples with repeated patterns of arguing, affair repair, bored and stuck in a rut, or new to counseling with D’Arcy.

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These weekend retreats are designed to give clients practical and inspiring experiences to create more happiness and well-being. We focus on skills that develop more positivity leading to a meaningful and flourishing life. The newest of Positive Psychology exercises are used to produce more positive emotions and help you develop more meaning in your life.

The weekend creates intimate sharing with others and support of a team to design plans for goal attainment in several areas of your lives. Participants often are supportively launched into new and satisfying chapters of their lives.

These Friday evening and Saturday workshops are offered in Las Vegas once a year, in May or September. The cost is $200 per person.

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These weekend retreats are designed to give clients practical and inspiring experiences to do life planning and a strategy for more happiness and well-being. We focus on skill development for visioning, goal planning and accomplishment.

You will learn how to establish new behaviors to develop happiness and well-being through pleasure, engagement, achievement, meaning, accomplishment, and interpersonal relationships. Positive Psychology interventions and Life Design Plans are used. There are pre- and post-workshop homework assignments. Clients report these retreats are fun, inspirational and life changing. They are offered once a year, usually a Saturday in January and cost $200.

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